Electronic options

We prefer that our vendors utilize one of our electronic commerce options (ePayables/Actian Web & ePayables/Actian Direct Connect). We are working to increase the use of these options and eliminate/reduce the receipt of paper invoices.

Standard payment terms are net 30 unless otherwise specified in your contract.

Invoice Options

For more information on invoicing options, choose from the following:


What is ePayables/Actian? ePayables is an SAP application used by ConocoPhillips to receive, validate, and approve electronic invoice data. Actian is our third-party ePay invoice platform. Utilizing ePay/Actian eliminates the need for paper invoices to be mailed to ConocoPhillips.

Through Actian, there are two options for submitting ePay invoices:

  • Direct Connection - ConocoPhillips offers vendors the option to implement a business-to-business connection for submitting invoice data. Invoice files are generated by the vendors accounting system and then passed through Actian into our accounts payable system for processing and payment.
  • Web Portal - ConocoPhillips offers vendors the option to manually input invoice information into a free internet template through Actian’s controlled-access website. Submitted invoice data is then interfaced into our accounts payable system for processing and payment.

How Do I Get Started? Contact your local purchasing agent or utilize the My Vendor Portal (MyVP) website to open a Service Now ticket. The MyVP website may also be used to check the status of an invoice. For more information and instruction on MyVP, click on Invoice Payment & Status.

Credit Card Payments

ConocoPhillips currently offers some of our vendors the option of being paid via a Procurement/Credit Card for goods and services they supply to ConocoPhillips. Eligibility to become a Procurement Card vendor depends on the type of goods and services being supplied to ConocoPhillips.
Payment via Procurement Card ensures that you, as a vendor, receive accurate timely payments and eliminates the need to issue an invoice to ConocoPhillips for payment.
For additional information, and to see if your company qualifies, please contact your local ConocoPhillips Business Unit representative.


Paper Invoices

ConocoPhillips utilizes an imaging system to expedite the processing of paper invoices. Items referencing a purchase order must be invoiced separately from material or services not referenced by a purchase order. A separate invoice is required for each purchase order or user id referenced. As a general rule, ConocoPhillips does not pay from statements.

Invoice requirements for Goods & Services and Associated Freight:

  • Valid ConocoPhillips Purchase Order Number (10 digit identifier beginning with 300, 450, 451 or 452 Polar Tanker POs are 7 digits long beginning with 110, 111 or 112) Or ConocoPhillips employee user id (provided by the person placing the order for goods or services)
  • Vendor Name
  • Remittance Address
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Amount
  • Tax Amount (if applicable)
  • Purchase description

Vendors can check the status of an invoice using the My Vendor Portal (MyVP)  website. If an invoice is submitted without one or more of the above mentioned required fields, it will be rejected. Rejection comments can be viewed in MyVP as well. Please see Invoice Payment and Status for further instructions.

Paper invoices should be addressed with the correct ConocoPhillips affiliate or company name and mailed to the appropriate address.

Physical Mailing Address Instructions Electronic Email
US: PO Box 2200 | Bartlesville OK 74005
US: iPay Email
Canada: PO Box 2566, STN M | Calgary AB T2P 2H7
Canada: iPay Email
Norway:  PO Box 3 | 4064 Stavanger Norway  Not available at this time
Polar: Attention: Polar Tankers | 315 S. Johnstone | Bartlesville, OK 74004
Polar: COP Polar AP Email

If you have been enabled for ePayables/Actian electronic invoices please do not use this method to submit your invoices.